Benefits of Educational Toys – Part 2

Mar 10, 2021

How an educational toy differs from an everyday toy is quite simple. An educational toy is there to help to gain knowledge & work on specific skills. An educational toy helps in various ways, and one of the main purposes is of course to teach a subject or particular skill that promotes developmental goals.

In part 1 we looked at how educational toys assist with fine motor skills, learning to play with others and development of the senses. Below we take a look at some other benefits that you may not have thought about.

Cognitive Development

Cognitive development involves thinking skills and educational toys help tremendously with improving cognitive development.  These type of toys allow for opportunities to improve different ways of thinking, problem-solving and understanding cause and effect.
What comes naturally to some might not come naturally to others and with a little help with the right kind of toy a child can have the ability to understand how the world works around them through play.   Our kids’ battle these days with planning skills & this is something particular that we need to help them to develop.

Hand-Eye coordination and Imagination

One of our favourite educational games that promote the above is our Creative Screw Puzzle.

By using screws, pegs and shapes you are enabling the child to keep an eye on what they are doing while coordinating their hands at the same time. Imagination plays a wonderful part as all different kinds of shapes and objects can be made with this super toy while your child is having fun!



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