Benefits of Educational Toys – Part 1

Dec 14, 2020

Children learning through fun and various types of activities is still a very important part of everyday learning.  With so many pressures in the big wide world, the younger generation are expected to know so much, and in so little time.

Make learning with your students and children fun, and not a chore by exploring a variety of educational toys that benefit them!

Fine Motor Skills

We have so many muscles in our body, and our hands have very little muscles, but the expectation is big. Fine motor skills involve the use of small muscles that control the hand, fingers and thumbs.  Something as simple as holding a spoon or zipping up a jacket requires strong muscles, and what better way to develop these skills than through play.  Through a variety of puzzles, pegboard games, and more we have a wealth of educational toys that can benefit your child.

Learning how to Play with Others

A lot of educational toys can be done alone or shared with a friend at school. Encouraging and developing the child’s knowledge and imagination through educational toys will help them to learn to share and realize that sometimes two heads are better than one!

Development of Senses

Many educational toys focus on the development of specific senses, including a sense of touch, sight and hearing.  Bright toys will help enhance the sense of sight, while hearing can be improved by toys that make different sounds.  Materials, such as wood, felt and plastic are all different ways to feel the world around them and learn about textures.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela

Learn more about how educational toys can benefit you and your children in Part 2


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