Keep Your Kids Busy During Lockdown

Jan 10, 2021

Another Level 3, and some parents out there are possibly starting to go a little bit loopy not being able to send their children back to school. The kids are getting bored, unable to go and play with friends or visit the outside world. Keeping your kids busy and trying to keep their minds active can be a challenge, especially if you have exhausted most avenues of play at home. 

We have some fresh new educational games that we know will help you to keep their minds busy, while learning & having fun at the same time!

Intelligent Games

Activate your childs mind with some of our intelligent games. Fishing with chopsticks and jigsaw puzzles are all part of the fun.  Most of these games all aid in developing children’s hand-eye coordination ability; planning skills and sense of competition. Detective Board games are also available to improve children’s comprehensive ability, visual perceptual skills & concentration abilities through play.

Card Games

Number and shape recognition, letter recognition and reading. A card game is not just a card game, but an amazing opportunity for your children to learn while having fun!  Learning to take turns, sharing, social interaction; concentration abilities and waiting are all skills that can be developed while playing with cards. Big Five Cards, Happy Families and Jungle snap are just a few of the different card games we have at SucZeZZ to help your little ones get busy!

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