Learn With Felt for Toddlers

Nov 20, 2020

Sometimes the best way to spark the imagination of a child is to simply keep it simple. Felt is such a forgiving fabric and it sticks so nicely to itself thus making it is a great base to use in learning with toddlers. Adding felt play pieces to your choice of learning aids and toys shows that you already have a great way to encourage pretend play! Felt can be used to stimulate visual, creative, tactile and intellectual learning experiences.

When children play with felt, it promotes language, memorization, sequencing, auditory, fine and large motor skills. Felt play provides experiences in life skills, social/emotional and spiritual/emotional development. Felt play provides an interactive shared experience. Studies have shown that when we use a multisensory (see, touch, listen) approach to learning, children remember better.

Here are some fun ways to encourage the children to engage with our felt product range:

  • Learn about our bodies – this is a fabulous idea for learning the body.
  • Learn about animals – a great way to get a better understanding of wildlife.
  • Learn to identify the different types of fruit – identify the fruit.
  • Learning the ABC – use the felt board to place the alphabet in sequence.
  • Learning numeracy skills – use the numbers felt board.

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