Parent Guide Chapter 2: Teach your Children Problem Solving Skills

Oct 22, 2020

As parents, we all want to raise our children to be smart intelligent problem solvers, who can fight and solve all the challenges coming in their lives independently. Children today are constantly being challenged on a daily basis, ranging from the academic classroom challenges to problems on the sports fields. For these reasons and many more, we need to ensure we train our children to recognize a problem and have the initiative to solve the issues by finding the appropriate solutions. You can begin by teaching basic problem solving skills from preschool and gradually sharpen these skills as they move from primary school through to high school. Let’s look at exercises parents can do with their children to better problem solve.

Encourage Critical Thinking

Too mentally break down a problem or an idea into parts and analysing them, is better known as Critical thinking. Classifying, sorting and comparing similarities and differences are all a part of this important skill. Critical thinking is also better known as logical thinking.

Encourage Creativity

Helping children to become both fluent and flexible thinker is all part of encouraging creative thinking. Fluent thinkers comes up with creative ideas, whereby flexible thinkers are able to identify many possibilities or view situation or objects in new ways.

Encourage Curiosity

Show me a child who will not go through the ‘WHY?” stage. While this is a testing time for parents, we should be grateful the children have the desire still want to understand why the world works the way it does. For parents, the best possible response to a “WHY” question is in fact, “let’s find out”. The word shows the child that you honour their curiosity and take their questions and interests seriously

Respect Tenacity

The ability to stick with a problem and approach the task with determination is known as tenacity. Parents respect children’s tenacity when they acknowledge the hard work they put into a school project or when we give them time and space to experiment and when we allows them to do what we know they can do for themselves. Parents should encourage tenacity when children solve the problems themselves, for example, that was a challenging puzzle, but you stuck it out and completed it, or, you have put in so many hours learning that song for your music teacher, she is going to be very proud of you, well done.

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