Puzzle Colour

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Puzzle colour

  • The aim of the game is to be the first player to get rid of all his tiles.
  • Develop children’s recognition of colour, also develop children’s visual perception. Cultivate children’s thinking ability and cognitive ability
  • 1-4 Players
  • For ages 3 and up.
  • Reference: IG15

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Playing the Game:

1. Give a rack to each player. Spread the puzzles upside down on the table to form the pool.
2. Each player takes 5 puzzles from the pool and puts them on his rack. Take another puzzle and lay it face up on the table.
3. The oldest player starts the game. He must try to play the puzzles. The borders of both connected tiles must match.
4. Now it's the next players turn. The game is played clockwise. If a player can't go, he must take a puzzle piece from the pool and put it on his rack.
5. The winner is the first player to play his last piece. The game also ends if the pool is empty. In that case, the player with the fewest puzzles win.


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