School During Lockdown – Expectation vs Reality

Mar 23, 2021

Kids of all ages have had quite a strange year in 2020 and 2021 seems to be heading in the same direction. Schools were closed, and the parents and guardians became the teacher.  Now that schools are almost fully open the expectation from us as parents are to see our child blossom, grow and adjust to life in the new school environment. Many schools have split classes into two groups and are only at school every second day, which also places a heavy burden on parents, especially for those who still have to work to bring in money. At the same time, you are silently praying that what you are doing at home with them on days they are not at school is efficient and working.

Expectation vs Reality

Our expectation is that our children will be able to cope with the schooling curriculum and manage as they would normally if they were at school every day, however, this is not the case.

The expectation from schools is that we must get on with it and teach our kids as best we can. A lot of responsibility has been placed on parents to now be the nurturer at home, as well as the teacher, which is quite an obstacle.

Reality – a lot of kids and parents are struggling to cope with being both the parent and teacher and visa versa.  Children are not used to us being the teacher and their expectation is that we must teach them like they are taught in class. It is tough, and the reality is that mom and dad have also had to learn a lot while going through this process of trying to be both. It is not easy and we have learnt a lot along the way.  The reality is – it is hard and you are not alone.

It is a learning curve for all of us and all that we can do is remember that where possible we have to put our children’s needs first and adapt to the new lifestyle / “normal” that we are currently facing, while not going crazy at the same time.

To all parents out there – we wish you all the best and remember to try and make teaching fun where possible to keep the enjoyment of learning through fun a reality – you are doing a great job!



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