Stickers – Yes They Can Help you Learn!

Feb 12, 2021

Stickers can help you learn, really and truly they can! Did you know that stickers assist with a variety of everyday skills? I truly think these little stickers definitely deserve more credit in the educational world. Here are some reasons why:

Sensory Development

Touching and feeling stickers already offers a fantastic sensory experience for most children. One forgets that it is a brilliant tool to get those fingers working while feeling the different textures that stickers offer. Sticky on one side, and textured on the other, what a fun thing for a child to play with.

Fine Motor Skills

Stickers are a fine motor powerhouse. Peeling the sticker from the paper, and sticking onto another surface in itself is assisting children to use their pincer grasp. In the long run, little movements like these can benefit the child in strengthening their muscles to assist them to hold their pencils and pens as they get older.

Visual Scanning

Improve reading and writing, while scanning for a specific sticker in amongst a busy sticker book. Teaching the children to search and look for a particular shape or colour will also help to strengthen their eye muscles and improve scanning their environment around them.

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