The Advantages of Posters in Education

Oct 15, 2020

Posters are a vital teacher’s tool used to enable visualisation in the classroom to further student learning. Cognitive science has proven that visual display of information supports students, in fact dual coding theory suggests that both visual and verbal information are processed differently and is a key component of cognition. Posters are a great way to make learning fun, so let’s study some of the advantages of using posters as a visual aid as part of learning.

The advantages of using posters as a visual aid as part of the learning process are as follows:

  • It’s an effective way for students to draw and maintain their attention on topics and to maintain their interest.
  • Posters are used to motivate students to learn specific topics.
  • Posters help learners to focus on a certain idea, event, fact or process
  • Posters are a convenient way for both students and teachers to help students understand the topics a lot faster
  • Pinning posters in a classroom, you influence students with constant learning, even if students are just looking around.
  • Not just in classrooms but even in the workplace, posters are an effective way to visually transmit a difficult message/topic

A good poster should have the following attributes:

  • Simplicity – the topics must clear and easily understood by a mere glance;
  • Brevity – less is more – the poster should contain minimum of words;
  • Appropriateness – the topic and image should correspond to the subject matter;
  • Attractiveness – it must capture the attention;
  • Size – the poster should be easily identified from a distance
  • Colour and Design – bright colours and white space is important for students to easily identify the topic and theme

Posters can also be used at home for parents to support the teachers when it comes to difficult topics for children to understand. It is important for parents to work with their children to remember the difficult topics by constantly testing then and discussing the images or literature on the poster.

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