Which Puzzle is Right for My Child?

Nov 10, 2020

There are so many different types of puzzles to choose from, so which one is right for my child? For a child to build fine motor skills, good hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills, puzzles are absolutely the way to go! How do you know what to pick? In this article, we will share some ideas for you to take-away and apply in your current environment.

Best Puzzles for Babies

Babies love to place the easy-grip objects in the hole and dump the pieces out – again and again! The repetition is part of the learning and babies enjoy the playtime.

Best Puzzles for Toddlers

From the age of one, the children find great pleasure fitting jumbo pieces in the “right spot”.  Try our plastic knob puzzles which are just a few big pieces and fit perfectly into the correct shape. Jumbo pieces are easy for little fingers to grasp. The advantage of these puzzles is the matching pictures shown underneath the puzzle piece to guide the child.

Best Puzzles for Older Toddlers

For older toddlers beginning to engage in imaginative play, try our wooden knob puzzles which are more pieces and educate the toddles in different shapes and numbers. These pieces also make for good first manipulatives—use them for sorting and counting.

Best Puzzles for Pre-schoolers

When purchasing a puzzle for your pre-schooler, remember that the intention is to challenge their minds, not frustrate them. Preferably do not start with a 100-piece puzzle just because it features a character your pre-schooler likes. Start small and build up gradually. Floor puzzles are a great introduction to the more commonly jigsaw puzzles, they have proportionately larger pieces and make a big impact, so they can serve as an encouraging introduction to cardboard jigsaws. They’re great for collaboration and ideal for social pre-schoolers!

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